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Custom Home Building

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Picture of a home

Rutledge Homes, LLC specializes in custom home building in Rutherford & surrounding counties.  With over 20 years of construction experience, our team will walk alongside you each step of the home building journey to make it a seamless process.  You can trust our team to treat each project & customer with integrity, excellence, and quality.

Don't know where to start?  Let us help you!  With local industry partners, we can help you find a piece of property, design your dream home, secure financing, and more.  Give us a call to get your journey started!  We look forward to making your dream a reality!

Stages of Custom Home Construction*

Lot Selection (Homeowner)

Purchase a lot or rural land in the neighborhood you would like to build your new home.  Make sure you have done your homework and the site is approved for septic/sewer!!

Hiring a Builder (Homeowner)

It is important to choose a contractor who will respect your choices and preferences.  Build a quality home within the time frame given.  Offer in-house design services.  Assist you in locating the perfect lot and design for your new home. 

Create Preliminary Plans (Homeowner & Builder)

The builder, architect, and homeowner work together to create a preliminary plan.  Design must meet the general engineering standards of the building code, taking subdivision rules or covenants into account.

Specifications (Homeowner & Builder)

The builder will establish the specifications - essentially the list of what is needed to complete the home - and briefly discuss allowances.

Finalize House Plan (Builder)

Rutledge Homes, LLC finalizes the plans and begins bidding out the job to subcontractors.  The process can take several weeks.  If there are particular subcontractors that you prefer to work with, ask the builder upfront.

Product Selection (Homeowner & Builder)

Rutledge Homes, LLC will assign an allowance to cover the cost of items that the homeowner will select, such as floor coverings and light fixtures.  That set dollar allowance is incorporated into the base price of the home.  Pre-shopping by the homeowner is something that can assist the builder in setting an appropriate allowance in the budget.

Secure Financing/Signing the Contract (Homeowner)

Rutledge Homes, LLC finalizes the contract documents and you sign them after you approve the final design, the price of your new home and the completion date.  Secure financing with your bank.

Payment (Homeowner)

Once the contract is signed the homeowner will be required to provide the builder with a down payment.  The procedure for payment throughout the building process is called a construction draw.  Most new homes will have 4 or 5 construction draws.

Lot is Surveyed & Staked Out / Construction Begins (Builder)

Excavation and foundation work begin after plans are approved and building permits are posted.

Exterior & Interior Selections (Homeowner)

You will meet with Rutledge Homes, LLC to choose exterior selections - such as shingles and siding, window color, fascia, and soffit color, column design, front and service door styles and color, and decks.  We will also assist you with interior selections and review your design ideas.  Selections include interior door style and door hardware, baseboard and casing, drywall texture and paint colors, staircase and fireplace design, and carpet.

Finalize Selections (Homeowner)

Finalize interior plans, including kitchen and bath layout; plumbing fixtures and faucets; appliances; countertops; flooring coverings; and paint colors. We will help guide you through the process.

Framing (Builder)

The rough framing of the house is formed.  Next, the roof is framed and shingles are installed.  Then the windows and doors will be installed.

Rough-in of Mechanical System (Builder)

The ducts, pipes, wires, and other components of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are installed.

Walk Through (Homeowner/Builder)

To choose locations with the electrician for - outlets, jacks, switches, and electrical fixtures.

Install Insulation and Siding/Exterior Finishes (Builder)

Interior Walls Completed (Builder)

Drywall is installed throughout the home.

Paint, Trim Work, Flooring & Cabinets (Builder)

Wall texturing and painting are done. Vinyl, ceramic tile, or wood flooring is laid.  Trim, including ceiling molding, baseboards, window and door casing, interior doors, and decorative wainscoting is installed, then painted or stained.  Cabinets and countertops are put in place.

Finalize Lighting Selection (Homeowner)

Rutledge Homes, LLC will assist the homeowner with light fixture choices and recommend lighting suppliers in the area, also on the internet. Rutledge Homes, LLC will work with the homeowner to choose and purchase light fixtures and have them installed.

Finishing Up (Builder)

FInal installation of heating, air conditioning, and other mechanical systems is completed.  The concrete driveway and patio are poured.  The deck will be built at this time. Landscaping (weather permitting) gets underway.  Carpeting, shower doors, mirrors, and light fixtures are installed.

Detailed Cleaning (Builder)

The interior is cleaned by professional cleaners.

Final Inspection (Builder)

Must have a final inspection for occupancy; in which no health or safety violations are found.

Insurance Warranties (Homeowner & Builder)

The homeowner secures homeowner's insurance and received all warranties from the builder as well as any specific instructions about how to best operate certain facets of the house.  Rutledge Homes, LLC offers a one-year warranty on their homes.

Pre-closing Walk Through (Homeowner & Builder)

The builder will do a final walk-through with the homeowner - to make certain everything contracted for has been completed.  He will educate you on the proper use of all mechanicals.

Closing & Occupancy (Homeowner)

The builder receives the final payment and the new home is officially your home!!

*Note: this is not an exhaustive list of items nor will the order of the list be followed at all times.  This is simply a guide to help you understand how the process may look of building a custom home.

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